Saturday, October 16, 2010

Day 2 - I'll think of some clever titles soon....I promise

I am in St. Louis this weekend staying with my friends Jodi and Randy.  My godson Troyer is performing in a musical, Night at the Wax Museum.  I am here alone right now, watching the Nebraska game.  Randy and Troyer are at the theatre for the afternoon performance.  Paige left early this morning, I think she is at her sister Laurens'.  Jodi had to go into the office, big software release, problems, unfounded panic...that says it all.  I am so glad I am not doing that anymore.

The drive down was nice.  It was a beautiful day, the trees are turning, the traffic was light, and the gas prices get lower as you move south, 22 cents less!

I am not just whiling away the day.  I am looking for jobs, surfing the net, and updating this blog.  The weather is great.  Perhaps I'll take Annabelle the beagle for a walk at halftime.  I need to call my friend Wendy, I would like to see her while I am here, we need to catch up.

Yesterday, on the way down, I reached into the passenger seat of my car, and felt something on my arm.  I thought it was a fly, has been one in my car it seems like for weeks!  Anyway, it was a bee, and I was stung!  The second time in my life.  I wonder what the statistics are for the average number of times a person is stung in their lifetime.  I'll have to look that up.  I need another useless statistic in my brain.  Jodi gave me some Benadryl, but it is itching like crazy today.

Tonight I am off to Troyer's show.  I'll tell you about it, perhaps I'll take some photos to share.  We'll probably go out with the kids after the show, it is inspiring to see their dedication to putting on a good production.

I'll say so long for now.  GO BIG RED!

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