Thursday, March 24, 2011

Wildfire Near Franktown, CO

I was checking the web today and realized my friends in Franktown, CO were being threatened by a wildfire.  I hadn't been paying attention, the last one I heard about was in Boulder.  Anyway, I started watching the news online, and finally called Kristi.  She had left work early to get home and pack up some things.  She said she didn't care about clothes, she just wanted to pictures and important papers, and the dogs, of course.  She said she saw  fire trucks, firefighters and people were loading up their horses, pets and personal items onto trailers, and into campers, trucks and cars.

I am hoping she calls me later to let me know all is good, but I did just here an update on web radio, and it sounds like they have the fire contained, the winds are dying down, and they are letting people go home.  

Thank goodness.

 Photo courtesy of:  (850 KOA / Joyce Jefferson)

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