Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Today is 09.11.12 - WHY would anyone who LOVES America vote for Obama in 2012

Today is a sacred day in American history, 2,976 people died in America on 09.01.01. A total of 2,740 American citizens died that day. They were murdered by radical Muslim terrorists. 
I've been watching Twitter, and the news feeds today. An agreement was made to suspend the campaign advertising on 09.11. The first Tweet sent out by @BarackObama today was a request for people to volunteer for his Presidential campaign. That was his priority today, 09.11.12.
@MittRomney sent out this statement, "On this most somber day, America is united under God in its quest for peace and freedom at home and across the world." He also said, " In remembrance, let us recall what the flag symbolizes & the many who have sacrificed so that we may fly it proudly" and linked to this video, "Raise the Flag" http://mi.tt/OE1rNF

Which is more Presidential, the one begging for volunteers and advertising on a solemn day, or the one who pays tribute to what this day really stands for? 
In 2011 Obama declared "September 11th is a day of service". No, September 11th is a day of mourning and remembrance. It is a day we honor the victims who died and we should dedicate ourselves to fighting anyone who threatens our country and our way of life. We should re-dedicate ourselves to fighting for freedom! 
Obama has proclaimed that Middle-East Muslims are our friends and takes credit for the "Arab Spring". Obama has proclaimed that there are a large number of Muslims in the US so we could be considered a Muslim Nation. On April 6, 2009, he announced in Turkey that "We do not consider ourselves a Christian Nation". I say speak for yourself, at least 76% of Americans consider themselves Christian, .06% consider themselves Muslim.i
Obama backs the Muslim Brotherhood, he is working around Congress to give them $1.5 Billion in aid from OUR tax dollars. The Muslim Brotherhood is crucifying opponents of their new President. Christians are in serious trouble in Egypt. The Quran in Sura 9:29 commands Muslims to wage war against Christians and subjugate them. They hate US!
The radical Muslims in the Middle East ARE NOT our friends, Obama, they are our enemies. They HATE us and everything we stand for. Their Quran says to kill, enslave, or tax Christians and others who will not convert to Islam. They hate, harass, attack, and murder, women, homosexuals, and handicapped people.
Obama wants the U.S. does not believe in American Exceptionalism, he doesn't believe that we should be stronger, wealthier, healthier, and more influential than other countries. He wants America to have LESS power to shape world events. He has used the term "leading from behind", which means LOSING!
Today, on the 11th Anniversary of 9/11, Obama's radical Muslim friends stormed the U.S. Embassy in Cairo, Egypt. They ripped the U.S. Flag down and flew the al-Qaeda flag.
Today, Mobs set fire to the U.S. consulate in Benghazi Libya. The attackers, hardliners waving black banners, they too tore down the U.S. Flag, murdered one American and wounded another!
Iran is developing nuclear weapons and threatening Israel! 
Mexico arrested a member of a-Qaeda. How long till he would have crossed our border? Obama won't secure tour borders and is suing states who try. What would this terrorist have done when he got here?
We are once again under attack by radical Muslims, these people Obama say are "our" friends. They are emboldened after seeing how Obama has weakened our country during his "reign" and I'm sure they watched that fiasco in Charlotte last week. Obama can consider them his friends, I consider them enemies. 
Is this the man you want in the White House, one who believes our enemies are our friends?
Today, Obama told Benjamin Netanyahu he doesn't have time to see him while he is in the U.S. in a couple of weeks. They are about to go to WAR over there. I say if you are PRESIDENT, get your ASS back to Washington D.C., and ACT like the PRESIDENT!  That is your job, not campaigning. Israel has been our great ally. While Obama has bowed to, and kissed the rings of our enemies, he ignores our greatest allies, Israel, Great Britain and Australia. 
The United States of America can't survive four (4) more years of Obama. 
So now the BIG question,… WHY would anyone who LOVES America, vote for Obama in 2012?

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